EYES ON ME - Bundle Lash out love + flick liner + Lash curler

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IDR 269.000 IDR 337.000
Lash out Love:

EYES ON ME - Bundle Lash out love + flick liner + Curving Lash curler

It’s the eye bundle set you need: an anti-smudge club with their plus one!

What it is :

- Lash out love (Darling / Dazzling)

- Flick liner

- Curving Lash curler upgraded version


you can choose :

DAZZLING (Thick & Volume) / DARLING (Long & Curl)

Why it’s special?

- They're lightweight and comfortable to wear, it will improve your natural lashes

- It contains Vit E and castor seed oil which naturally strengthen, lengthen, and thicken the lashes over time.

- Filled with Trehalose as well to moisturize lashes and gives an extra smooth application.

- Flake-free and waterproof, it will stay on without melting or smudging!

- The applicator is a silicone brush that is more hygienic than a standard nylon brush.


Hyper Defining Waterproof Eyeliner

An easy-to-use and carryable hyper-black liquid eyeliner with a defined brush tip, smudge, and waterproof formulation.

Why it’s special :

- The best eyeliner for beginners, the easiest way to get the perfect flick!

- Beauty innovations for everyday people: Designed to save time with flexible ultra-precise tips for easy application.

- Pigmented and buildable which makes Flick Liner complete with a long-lasting formula.

- It is a smudge-proof formula that glides quickly with ease and dries instantly on application.

- Suitable for sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers


Our new innovative design, features a bow-shaped curve lash curler for gently curling every eyelash from the root, expertly engineered to ensure an all-day, natural long-lasting curl.

Why it's special:

- Upgraded design with a unique bow-shaped curve, ideally to reach every eyelash

- Curls your eyelashes from the root

- Ergonomic handles provide stability and control.

- Wide frame length, suitable for Asian eyes

- Create a lash lift effect effortlessly.