Syca Beauty Blender Peach Puff

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IDR 79.000


Your puffy and squishy blending sponge set

It comes with all the essential

A full size beauty blender - for face & wider area

A mini size beauty blender - for under each eye & smaller area

Material :

Hydrophilic polyurethane

designed to absorb water to prevent excessive absorbtion of product

Why it’s special :

Soft & bouncy

This bouncy sponge feels soft to the touch and blend the make up evenly onto the skin for a flawless but never cakey finish

Minimal absorbtion

It doesn’t absorb any of your make up, so you don’t end up wasting a single drop of product


It can be used either wet or dry with multiple make up formulas

User friendly

Large surface area for faster complexion blending

2 beauty blenders in 1 set

Including a mini size that fits perfectly under each eye & smaller area

Latex free & easy to clean

How to use:

Dampen sponge with water prior to usage

Pinch blender to allow easier access to certain areas

Just put a little product onto the rounded end of the sponge and bounce it on your face to create a natural looking flush with zero line or streaks

How to wash:

Run the sponge under warm water

Lather a drop of soap between your hands

Squeezing and rinsing repeatedly until the suds are rinsed out

After rinsing the make up sponge, you can leave it upright to dry