Bundle 2 Lash out Love

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IDR 269.000 IDR 298.000

Creating “feel like real lash” mascara that you’d love to wear in your everyday.

It contains of 2 mascaras — You can choose the type! Why not? Flake free yourself, darling with those dazzling eyes!


Thick & Volume — A perfect eyelashes covering, quickly fit, form film layer and express strong effect with uniform color. It’s filled with elastic polymer and synthetic fiber as well that create the look fuller and more voluminous without flaking.


Long & Curl — Expressing distinct curl without the need to use eyelash curler. The natural hand wax completes the lashes look evenly curling and stay all day long. The film former as water resistant agent inside formula, makes the eyelashes stay firm and longer.


  • They're lightweight and comfortable to wear, it will improve your natural lashes
  • It contains Vit E & Castor seed oil which naturally strengthen, lengthen and thicken the lashes overtime. 
  • Filled with the Trehalose as well to moisturise lashes and gives an extra smooth application.
  • Flake free and waterproof, it will stay on without melting or smudging!
  • The applicator is silicone brush that more hygienic than standard nylon brush.