Bundle Tint of You + Peach Puff

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IDR 202.000 IDR 238.000
Color: Light L1

What it is :

Tint of you best pair!

It comes with all the essential
A tint of you - Light / Medium / Deep
A full size beauty blender - for face & wider area
A mini size beauty blender - for under each eye & smaller area

Material :
Hydrophilic polyurethane
designed to absorb water to prevent excessive absorbtion of product

Why it’s special :

Soft & bouncy

This bouncy sponge feels soft to the touch and blend the make up  evenly onto the skin for a flawless but never cakey finish

Minimal absorbtion It doesn’t absorb any of your make up, so you don’t end up wasting a single drop of product

It can be used either wet or dry with multiple make up formulas

User friendly
Large surface area for faster complexion blending
2 beauty blenders in 1 set

Including a mini size that fits perfectly under each eye & smaller area
Latex free & easy to clean

A TINT OF YOU - SYCA Natural Weightless Tinted Moisturizer
Net : 35 gram
Dermatology tested
Non comedogenic
it’s like your skin on its best days!

What it is : It hydrates and adds a healthy, semi-satin look with a breathable coverage to embrace the radiance of our natural skin.

Available in 3 shades :
#L1 - LIGHT Light beige colour with a dewy finish perfect for cool undertones
#M1 - MEDIUM Warm medium beige with soft golden undertones
#D1 - DEEP The best for medium dark skin-tone with peachy undertones

Why it’s special :
* Lightweight: It feels lighter on the skin
* Moisturizing : Hydrating formula
* Super natural: option for those looking for real skin-like finish
* Breathable coverage (Light to medium): it evens out the complexion but still allow natural skin to show through
* it won’t clog your pores
* Prevents products from feeling greasy
* A lighter option of foundation without appearing cakey
* ideal for Sensitive skin: feel light on the skin, minimize redness

Finish look : semi satin finish, minimal glow without looking wet and oily under Indonesia hot & tropical weather

Your skin will also get loads of hydration thanks to : GLYCERIN (as a humectant that draws in & retains moisture) It's formulation also infused with ingredients your skin will love: Hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, shea butter, chamomile extract
And for those who love the ease of a multi-use product : It also has sunscreen agent & protects against UVA & UVB : * titanium dioxide (physical) * ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate (chemical)