Bundle Volcanic Sebum Roller + Refill 2 Stones

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IDR 90.000 IDR 98.000
Bundle Volcanic Sebum Roller + Refill 2 Stones
 What it is :
Bundle package  Volcanic Sebum Roller and 2 Stones Refill volcanic stones that can be use for SYCA Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller . It instantly absorbs excess oil on skin for shine control on-the-go! No more shiny, oily skin!
What you got :
  • 1 Bye-bye Sebum Volcanic Roller 
  • 2 Volcanic Stones (only refill)
Key benefit :Removes oil & shine
A quick solution to absorb oil on the skin to help maintain a smooth matte finish. it won’t mess up your makeup.
  • Made from Volcanic stone.
  • Reusable & washable
  • Usable for 41 days. 
  • Unlike blotting papers that are single-use and then thrown away, our oil-absorbing roller is re-usable and easy to wash. 
  • On-the-Go oil control
  • Just pop the cap and this compact shine buster is ready to roll, for on-the-go touch-ups, anytime, anywhere.
  •  Easy to use
  • Gently roll the face roller ball over your T-zone or anywhere skin is shiny.
How to use:
  • Pull up the cover cap
  • Change the old stone with the new one (refill)
  • Use on the oily part of your face
How to clean:
  • Twist lock clockwise
  • Wash the stone with lukewarm water & soap
  • Rinse, then air-dry overnight
Bye bye shiny, oily skin!